Here’s who I am and what I do…….

I’m Elaine L. Hubbard in Huntsville, Alabama and have been researching family histories and artifacts in the U. S., Canada, Ireland, and Scotland for over 20 years.  My specialties are locating the origins or provenance of artifacts for institutions, organizations and individuals and helping determine the dates, ownership, genesis, contents, and whereabouts of keepsakes or objects as diverse as photographs, jewelry, writing instruments, texiles, books, and ephemera.

Say you own a pen or book inscribed with a person’s name and a date or location. Or perhaps have a photograph and want some identification of who is in the photo, or when or where the photo was taken.   Maybe you have attended a Civil War memorabilia show and simply want to know more about who owned that musket you now possess.  My work is to research that item and reach sound conclusions based on scholarly analysis of records found, while providing reliable sources for every assertion of fact in a disciplined and efficient manner.   It’s a case study, backstory, and cold case hunt.   Perhaps you, as the current possessor of the item, need to know the provenance of the item in order to have it appropriately  appraised for insurance or general valuation purposes.   Or maybe you, for sentimental reasons, just want to know more about how Aunt Minnie received that beautiful fountain pen.

You might have access to various online genealogy resources and records for general family research purposes.   But do you have the time, inclination, or tenacity to hunt down the lineage of your precious keepsakes?


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